Friday, May 10, 2019

Jay Chauhan and Sanam eliminated on 11th, 12 May Episodes | Super Dancer 3

Sony Television channel aired kids dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 3 have amazing performances by contestants on 11th May 2019, 12th May 2019 Episodes when Kumar Sanu have graced the show. Also, it was the elimination of Super Guru and Shishya Sanam Johar and Jay Chauhan this week on the show. Yes, Jay Chauhan's Health was not good and that is why he got evicted from the show.
jay sanam

Super Dancer Chapter 3 reality show have had the elimination of one of the most strongest contestant Jay Chauhan. They are not eliminated because of Public Voting results but they got evicted just because of health issues of Jay Chauhan as he was not well and doctor advised him to take a rest.

Super Dancer 3 Elimination - Jay Chauhan & Sanam Johar eliminated
Reason why they eliminated - Jay Chauhan's health was not fine, So, he won't be able to perform this week again. So, Public Voting can't support him without performance and which leads to their eviction.

Gourav Sarwan, Akshit Bhandari, Tejas Varma, Saksham Sharma, Rupsa Batabyal, Jayshree Gogoi, Prerna Salvi, Dhairya Tandon, Naitik Singhal and Anwesha Bhatia are the Super Dancer 3 TOP 10 contestants.

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