Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Super Dancer 3 Elimination List 2019: Who's Evicted this Week | Sony TV

Sony TV's Super Dancer Chapter 3 have been amazing till date as talented unique dancer contestants has given their best dance performances every week and impress judges and audiences. Out of them TOP 11 Contestants have been Selected after the wild card entry. Now, TOP 11 are doing their best and Elimination happening every week. See Who is eliminated today on Super Dancer 3 and who are the Remaining contestants giving their best and competing to mark their presence in Grand finale.

Super Dancer 3 Elimination Happening every week. See Who is eliminated from the show and Who are the remaining in Competing status.

Gourav Sarwan, Akshit Bhandari, Tejas Varma, Jay Chauhan, Saksham Sharma, Rupsa Batabyal, Jayshree Gogoi, Prerna Salvi, Dhairya Tandon, Naitik Singhal and Anwesha Bhatia are the Super Dancer 3 TOP 11 contestants. Elimination happening every week and one of them will be eliminated every week on Sunday episode.

Super Dancer 3 Elimination List 2019 | Who is Evicted

Sony TV's Super Dancer 3 Elimination happened today again and one more contestant got eliminated. The Elimination List is out of the TOP 11 Contestants from 12th May 2019 Episode.

Super Dancer 3 Elimination 12th May 2019 Episode - (Who is Eliminated)
jay sanam

Jay Chauhan eliminated on 11th, 12th May 2019 Episode week. 
Reason - Health Issues

The Elimination List of Super Dancer Chapter 3 Contestants will be Keep Updated right here. Keep Watching this Space to know about Latest Happening on Super Dancer 3.


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