Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Super Dancer 3 VOTE [SonyLiv App] Online Voting 2019, Android, iOS

India's number 1 Kids talent hunt dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 3 Public Voting Lines Opens every week Saturday and Sunday 8 PM where you can Vote and Support your favorite Super Dancer 3 Contestants. Super Dancer 3 Vote can been Submitted by SonyLiv App. You can download SonyLiv App for Android and iOS Smartphone devices and Support your favorite one.
super dancer vote

Super Dancer Chapter 3 TOP 11 Contestants asked for Public Voting from 4th May 2019 and than onwards Super Dancer 3 Voting happening every week and one out of the Bottom 3 contestants eliminated. See how to vote and Support your favorite Super Dancer 3 Contestants by SonyLiv App or Sonyliv.com website Voting.

Super Dancer 3 VOTE | How to Vote on SonyLiv App | Android, iOS

Sony TV's Super Dancer 3 Voting App is available for both Android and iOS Smartphone Devices. You can Download the APK or directly install it from Google Playstore or iTunes Store and Open it. After SonyLiv App Download and Install you can follow the simple Voting steps mentioned below.

  1. Open Downloaded SonyLiv App
  2. Go to the Super Dancer 3 Voting Section
  3. You'll see the List of Super Dancer 3 Contestants
  4. Click on the Image to whom for you wants to Vote
  5. Submit Votes for your favorite one
Note - You can Give maximum 50 Votes to Any Super Dancer 3 Contestant and raise your support.

Super Dancer 3 Voting Lines (Open/Close) Timings - Super Dancer 3 Voting Lines Opening every weekend 8 PM to 12 PM

Vote for Gourav Sarwan, Akshit Bhandari, Tejas Varma, Jay Chauhan, Saksham Sharma, Rupsa Batabyal, Jayshree Gogoi, Prerna Salvi, Dhairya Tandon, Naitik Singhal and Anwesha Bhatia who are the Super Dancer 3 contestants in a show giving their level best to stay longer into the competition.


  1. Vote for Florian and tushar sir

  2. Vartika Jha and sanchit is the best dancer 4

  3. My vote is also vartika and sanchit

  4. I am very proud of vartika and sanchit

  5. Sanchit and pari is the good dancer this season

  6. Spriha Rishi Kaishab Proud of you Beta. Wish u all the best.

  7. Spriha and anuradha mam....is the best dancer love u both.....pls vote for her

  8. Vote for Neerja tiwari and bhavna mam from Germany

  9. Tushar and Florina the winner chapter 4

  10. Vote for prithvi I wish he is in top5 and he will be win my vote is for prithviraj

  11. I vote for sanchit vartika is the best 😍 u