Remorse After Breaking Up Novel (Sebastian Wilder) Read Online

Sebastian Wilder is the leader of the Supreme Platoon; he and his men roam the land while protecting it. He’s also the founder of Phoenix Corporation and is worth trillions of dollars! When he returns to Ravenview City to search for his fiancée, he’s shocked to find her in the middle of an engagement to someone else. She rips their marriage agreement to shreds and publicly announces that she won’t marry him. She even goes so far as to insult him!

remorse after breaking up novel

Remorse After Breaking Up Novel is an interesting and unique tale of Sebastian Wilder you can start reading on Webfic Platform. Download/Install Webfic App and Start reading it.

Remorse After Breaking Up – Webfic (Android/iOS)

Title: Remorse After Breaking Up
Genre: Billionaire
Language: English
Publisher: Webfic

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