A Big Boss Who Loves to Spoil His Wife Novel

A Big Boss Who Loves to Spoil His Wife Novel. Emily felt as if there was a fog in front of her, obstructing her vision. She could not see, only her senses were clear! It was like a ball of flame wrapped around her body, waves of heat assaulted her. A heavy breath blew into her ear. It was the sound of a man’s deep moaning, with the unmistakable sense of domination in his voice.

a big boss who loves to spoil his wife novel

She tried her best to open her eyes, wanting to see the other person clearly, but her eyelids seemed to weigh a thousand pounds.

After god-knows-how-long, the flurry of movement abated. She finally saw a tight and sexy chest. On the left breast, there was a black eagle soaring with its wings spread. The eagle’s eyes were sharp, like a ferocious beast, carrying a sense of brutality‚Ķ It was like the gaze of the god of death, she shuddered to look at it!


Emily cried out in alarm, waking up from her dream.

She sat up on the bed with cold sweat all over her forehead. Her nine-month pregnant belly made her movements slow and difficult.

Lucy, who was sleeping next to her, felt her granddaughter’s movements and hurriedly got up to ask, “What’s wrong, girl? Did you have a nightmare again?”

Emily nodded in a bad mood and did not deny it.

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Title: A Big Boss who Loves to Spoil His Wife
Author: Anonymous
Publisher: NovelOasis
Genre: Romance
Language: English

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