A Pricey Broken Engagement Novel (Isabella and Theodore)

Theodore Wellington, who had been single for twenty-eight years, was dumped by a country girl. “Mr. Wellington, Mrs. Wellington offered five million dollars to break off the engagement.” Theodore narrowed his eyes slightly, “I don’t agree!” “Mr. Wellington, Mrs. Wellington increased the offer to twenty million dollars!” Theodore smirked, “Give her fifty million dollars. I don’t agree!” “Mrs. Wellington offered one hundred million.

a pricey broken engagement novel

On a July evening at 7 o’clock, it was still light. In front of an unnamed tombstone on Greeneath Mountain. Isabella Anderson, dressed in black casual attire, stood in front of the tombstone. Her exquisite face seemed to be carefully carved with a cold look in her eyes.

Mom, tomorrow is the ten-year anniversary. I listened to you and restrained myself for ten years. Tomorrow, I will return to the Anderson family. There was silence all around, and the only response she received was the sound of the wind. Boom! A loud noise made Isabella turn her head. Her charming eyes narrowed slightly as she looked back in that direction.

There was a black car parked there, tilted due to a flat tire. A man got out of the car, wearing black sportswear, staggering forward as if injured. Soon, more than a dozen men followed him, all dressed in black. Theodore Wellington looked back with a cold look on his stern face. He held his abdomen with one hand, his lips turning pale.

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Title: A Pricey Broken Engagement
Author: Scarlett Everly
Genre: Romance, Drama
Language: English
Publisher: JoyLit

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