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An Alpha’s Vixen by Nauti Bear is a very interesting read available to read online. Myra enjoys a tame life as a second-grade teacher. Until the night that everything changes… the night that Alpha Sloan claims her as his mate. Suddenly, Myra’s life of simplicity turns into one of s**ual surprises and dirty delights.

We all know the story of Myra: Sloan’s vixen luna. But the night she met Sloan in the sweaty underbelly of a nightclub, her best friend Megan made a connection of her own. Megan is trouble incarnate, a human who makes bank grinding against a pole, and she wouldn’t change a thing about her life… until she locks eyes with alpha Sloan’s beta, Declan. With an icy stare and slouching grace, he’s sex on a stick, and Megan wants a taste.

During his alpha’s claiming, the brooding beta stud tries to keep his cool around Megan, but somehow he keeps ending up on top of her. Megan isn’t sure how much longer she can control her desire for him, but she fears what will happen to her carefree life when she finally ends up in his bed.

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An Alpha’s Vixen by Nauti Bear Novel is available to read online on Galatea Platform. Here we have mentioned the link to the Novel you can start reading it online. Also, do let us know your review and reading experience with us.

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