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Stay away, stay away from me, stay away, she shouted, over and over. She kept shouting even though it seemed she had run out of things to throw. Zane was more than a little interested in knowing exactly what was going on. But he couldn’t focus with the woman making a ruckus. Will you shut the fuck up! he roared at her. She fell silent and he saw tears start to fill her eyes, her lips trembled. Oh f*ck, he thought.

Like most men, a crying woman scared him shitless. He would rather have a gunfight with a hundred of his worst enemies than have to deal with one crying woman. “And your name is?” he asked. “Ava,” she told him in a thin voice. “Ava Cobler?” he wanted to know. Her name had never sounded so beautiful before, it surprised her. She almost forgot to nod.

“My name is Zane Velky,” he introduced himself, holding out a hand. Ava’s eyes grew bigger as he heard the name. Oh no, not that, anything but that, she thought. “You have heard of me,” he smiled, he sounded satisfied. Ava nodded.

Everyone who lived in the city knew the name Velky, it was the largest mafia group in the state with its centre in the city. And Zane Velky was the head of the family, the don, the big boss, the huge honcho, the Al Capone of the modern world. Ava felt her panicked brain spin out of control.

Angel’s Bliss Novel – Read Online

Title: Angel’s bliss
Author: Dripping Creativity
Publisher: Anystories
Genre: Werewolf

Angel’s Bliss Novel written by Dripping Creativity is the Werewolf Novel story of Ava and Zane you can read online on Anystories Platform link mentioned above. First Few Chapters are completely Free to read online. You can unlock more chapters by Coins or getting a subscription.

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