His Lost Queen Novel by Annie Whipple Read Online, How To!

His Lost Queen Written by Author Annie Whipple is the story of Grayson Stoll. Its quite intriguing werewolf novel. Here is How you can read complete Novel Story, All the Chapters Online. After escaping her mate, who has left her not only painfully marked but has done unspeakable things to her, Belle Dupree settles in the small town of Evergreen, Maine, to start a new life. But Belle can’t focus on building a new life when her mark constantly aches and her head pounds from Grayson trying to speak to her through their mind-link that refuses to diminish despite the distance.

Grayson Stoll, now a wolf and vampire hybrid, is determined to find Belle and explain why he wasn’t the one who hurt her and share a secret about her destiny that will change everything between them. And he must protect her from the vampire king, who is just as determined to find her, before it’s too late.

“I had no doubt that the burns she endured would leave scars. It would not be easy to gain her trust again, but I wouldn’t give up until I had her back in my arms.” Belle fled from a terrible mate and settled in a quiet town in Maine. However, she can’t escape the pain of her past, as Grayson Stoll, a special hybrid, communicates with her through a powerful he’s innocent and shar link. Grayson wants to prove changing secret with Belle, all while protecting her from a dangerous vampire king. Their destinies collide in a fight for love and survival.

His Lost Queen Novel – Read Online

Title: His Lost Queen
Author: Annie Whipple
Publisher: Galatea/Inkitt
Genre: Werewolf

So, You can Visit the Official Novel Link mentioned above and Start reading it from Chapter 1. Alternatively, You can Download Galatea/Inkitt App for Android or iOS Smartphones and Start reading it. If you are already reading it, do share your review with us.

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