His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) Novel by Heer Mangtani

I wiped tears from the corner of my eyes, hoping nobody saw me weep, and that the mascara didn’t run because of my unending tears. I was miserable, still in disbelief believe that the first time I was going to see my husband-to-be was when I’d walk down the aisle, and he would be waiting for me at the end of it.

At least, I hoped he would be there, and that he wouldn’t elope. Not because I wanted to particularly marry him, but because being stood up at the altar in front of the whole world would be very humiliating.

“Ms. Baker?” As I fixed the princess-y Versace wedding gown one last time, one of the three women who had followed me since the moment I had stepped into this mansion today called me, and I looked up at her.

Title: His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story)
Author: Heer Mangtani
Language: English
Genre: Billionaire
Publisher: Novellairs

His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) Novel – Read Online

His Wife a contract marriage story novel written by Author Heer Mangtani is a very interesting story between Sofia and Gabriel available to read online on Novellairs Platform. Here we have mentioned the link to official website from where you can start reading it. Also, share your review and reading experience with us.

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