It’s Too Late To Get A Divorce Novel by Coreal White, Read Online

It’s Too Late To Get A Divorce Novel is the Story of Alita who is born in Ordinary family and married to the man Jaydon, who is the helm of Lewis Group. How they are living together from over 14 years, Even she loved him, He bullied her. It’s too late to get a divorce becomes more interesting read with its twisted plot.

Alita Thompson, a girl from an ordinary family, was raised in another wealthy family. After reaching adulthood, she married the heir to that wealthy family. Married for several years, her husband never favored her and only treated her coldly. Alita’s husband, Jaydon Lewis, was the current man at the helm of Lewis Group.

He was very attentive all women except her. To irritate her, he even had s*x with other women. For some reason, he could seem to get satisfaction out of insulting he. Alita and Jaydon had been living together for 14 years and she had always been fond of him, but he had always bullied her.

It’s Too Late To Get A Divorce Novel – Read Online

Title: It’s Too Late To Get A Divorce
Publisher: LeReader
Author: Coreal White
Genre: Romance
Language: English

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