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Melody Strikes Back is the Billionaire Romance Novel written by Author Myra Walker. It’s novel becoming popular by words of mouth just after its release. I’m Melody Fox, once deemed an ugly duckling. In my past life, I was cruelly betrayed, my heart brutally ripped from my chest by my once-beloved and my stepsister.

melody strikes back novel

Reborn, I inadvertently rescued Ken Swanson, the wealthiest man in Halcyon, and found myself tangled in his intricate world. I was manipulated into remarrying, becoming a pawn in his elaborate plot. I feared the past would replay itself, yet he assured me that with him by my side, I would never suffer again.

On our wedding day, I cast aside my disguise, astounding everyone with my breathtaking beauty and exceptional medical prowess. This time, I am not just surviving; I am seeking vengeance. I will reveal my true strength to those who once scorned me!

Melody Strikes Back Novel – Read Online

Title: Melody Strikes Back Novel
Genre: Billionaire
Author: Myra Walker
Publisher: LeReader
Language: English

Melody Strikes Back Novel is turning very interesting read by each next Chapter. You can Start reading it on LeReader Platform. First Few Chapters are totally free to read online. You can start reading and don’t forget to share your reading experience with us, we would love to hear from you.

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