Submitting To My Ex Wife Novel (Pearl and Marc) Read Online

Submitting To My Ex Wife Novel is about the Story of a Girl Named Pearl who is changing her Identity because of her Good. She lost her Parents in a Car Accident. Her Ex and Cousin pushed her off a cliff. She miraculously survived and Later How She Changed her Identity and Married to Paralyzed Young man named Marc from a wealthy family. How Marc wanted to divorce Pearl, She disappeared from his life and Now coming back again in front of Marc. Now, Marc realized She is having multiple identities.

Pearl Shepard used to be a carefree girl. However, everything changed after a car accident took away her parents’ lives. To seize her massive inheritance, her malicious cousin and ex took her to climb a mountain and pushed her off a cliff. Pearl miraculously survived. Afterward, she hid her identity, changed her name to Pearl Woolery, and married Marc Males. Marc Males was a handsome young man from a wealthy family.

Three years ago, he had an accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. It was also during that time that he was forced to separate from his beloved woman. His mother pressured him to go on blind dates and marry a doctor to care for him for the rest of his life. Among a group of girls, he chose a nurse named Pearl because she had no background and was quiet. Three years later, he recovered his health but wanted to divorce Pearl and find his true love. Pearl erased all traces of herself and completely disappeared from Marc’s world.

Later, she made a grand entrance as the business partner Marc had always dreamed of. At the same time, Marc discovered that Pearl had more than one identity…

Title: Submitting To My Ex Wife
Genre: Romance
Author: Daisy Woods
Language: English
Publisher: LeReader

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Submitting To My Ex Wife Novel – Read Online

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