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“I have never loved you, Isabel. I can’t. I mean why would I? A weak and useless omega like you? How could you even imagine being with me? Someone of my status with you? You dreamt too big,” he remarked to my face.If my heart was shattered already, I doubt it was there now because I couldn’t feel it from the burning pain I felt in my chest and stomach. “You… You said you loved me. You vowed to protect… me. You asked me to marry you under the moon and the stars asking the moon goddess to bear witness,” I replied, I couldn’t even hear my voice.He let out a small dry laugh. “I don’t.

the alpha abandoned bride novel

I won’t and it will never happen and so under the moon and stars with the moon goddess bearing witness, I, Logan Smith, reject Isabel Payne as my mate.”I was already hurt and broken but this made it even worse. I suddenly couldn’t breathe. It hurts so much. This is the worst type of pain I’ve ever felt.”Guards, take her away.” He ordered.—On the day of their wedding, Isabel arrives only to see Logan getting married to Jade Armstrong, the woman who had bullied her the most.

What she also didn’t think would happen was finding out that she was carrying the babies of the man who had broken her heart.Four years later. Isabel and Logan meet again. Will the reason for Logan Jilting Isabel on their wedding day and marrying Jade be revealed? Will Logan finally learn that Isabel had given birth to twins for him? And will he also make amends with her, fight for his kids and claim Isabel as his own once again? Read to find out.

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Title: The Alpha abandoned bride
Author: QueenLovely
Genre: Werewolf
Language: English
Publisher: Noveloasis / LeReader

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