The Lycan’s Revengeful Rejected Mate Novel by Vivian Anna

The Lycan’s Revengeful Rejected Mate Novel is the story of Katherine written by author Vivian Anna. It tells the story of Katherine who have been wrongly accused and rejected by her mate. It’s gripping tale revolves around betrayal, vengeance and second chances at love. Here is the story synopsis and where you can read complete story online.

the lycan's revengeful rejected mate novel

After being accused wrongly and rejected by her mate, Katherine vows never to forgive him for the pains he had caused her. As punishment for her accusations, she is sentenced to the pack’s dungeon with her 7 months old pregnancy, but amidst the pains and struggle, Katherine births her twins prematurely.

As if cruel fate had not done enough, she lost her babies to the hands of her enemies, but finally, the moon goddess gives her a second chance. A second chance to get revenge on all those who had wronged her and killed her babies, and most importantly, a second chance at love with the Lycan monster who lives with a deep dirty secret. A possessive Lycan king who is willing to set the world ablaze to protect his mate, and a desperate Ex mate who wants her back.

The Lycan’s Revengeful Rejected Mate Novel – LeReader App (Android/iOS)

Title: The Lycan’s Revengeful Rejected Mate
Author: Vivian Anna
Publisher: LeReader
Language: English

The Lycan’s Revengeful Rejected Mate by Vivian Anna is a very interesting read novel with an unexpected twists in a story of Katherine. The Complete Novel is available to read online on LeReader Platform. You can start reading it from the LeReader App for Android/iOS Platform.

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