Winning Her Heart Back Novel (Emily and William) Read Online

When Emelie Hoven was hopelessly in love with William Middleton, she almost ended up losing her life. But to William, she was only someone convenient who he thought couldn’t live without him. And so, she decided to stop loving him. William didn’t like that Emelie was too calm, too rational, and too independent.

winning her heart back novel

Later, his wish came true- he got to see her relying on someone and being gentle. He wasn’t the recipient, though. On the day of Emelie’s wedding, she smiles brightly as she sits on a chair and waits for her groom and his groomsmen to pass the test she and her bridesmaids have set up for them.

The atmosphere is lively. Suddenly, William shows up out of nowhere. He gets on one knee before her and holds her hands, looking like he’s almost worshipping her. “Leave him, please. Come with me. You loved me first, didn’t you?”

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Title: Winning Her Heart Back
Genre: Billionaire
Publisher: Webfic
Language: English

Emelie Hoven and William Middleton’s story will keep you hooked till the end and you will enjoy reading complete novel in one go. You can start reading ‘Winning Her Heart Back’ Novel on Webfic Android/iOS App. What’s your thoughts on this novel do let us know in comments section below.

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  1. So far so good Emellie is a very balanced and matured woman who is emotional but very hurt deep down hope the male protagonist gets a knock on his head as a wake up call to realise what a moron he is….


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