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Liam Allen and I had a whirlwind marriage. When I was nineteen, due to a twist of fate, we became intimately involved. He insisted on taking full responsibility, so right after graduation from university, we got married in haste. After marriage, he doted on me immensely, and I loved him to the utmost. I never imagined he would cheat on me. Until one day, I received a photo from a stranger.

In the photo, a little girl wearing a birthday crown was blowing out candles. Behind her stood a man and a woman. The man, with an impressive demeanor and dressed impeccably, was my husband, Liam Allen. The woman, with curly hair and a stylish look, was Maya Lewis my husband’s ex-girlfriend from college and the woman who once had an abortion for him. I initially thought of it as a prank.

But the next moment, another message popped up from the sender. Olivia Allen, don’t you think this child looks familiar? My hand trembled holding the phone. Before my mind could process it, a flurry of messages bombarded me. This child is mine and Liam’s. That year, during a class reunion, Liam held me close and said he only married you out of physical need, but he has always loved me. We spent that entire afternoon together, and this child was conceived then.

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Title: Betrayed and Redeemed
Author: Onita
Publisher: FicWorld
Genre: Romance

Betrayed and Redeemed Romance Novel is written by author Onita and available to read on FicWorld Platform. Yes, You can read this Novel on Android/iOS Platform. Go to the Playstore or iOS App Store and Search for ‘FicWorld App’ you will Find an App, Install it and You will Find a Novel ‘Betrayed and Redeemed’. Start reading it from the very first chapter. Alternatively, You can go to the Betrayed and Redeemed Novel Link mentioned above and you will get direct Novel Access, start reading it.

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