The Alpha’s Unwanted Bride Novel (Jasmine and Xaden) by Stephanie king1

The Alpha’s Unwanted Bride Novel is the Werewolf Story of Jasmine and Xaden written by Author Stephanie King. Jasmine who lived miserable life is ready to anything for her love. Here is How you can read complete novel online on official platform.

the alpha's unwanted bride novel

Jasmine, an unshifted and bastard daughter of the great Alpha of the moonlight pack lives maltreated as a slave scrubbing floors and attending to their needs instead of the life of a princess. Xaden is a young, handsome and the most powerful Alpha driven by revenge to murder the man who betrayed and was the cause of his parent’s and entire pack’s destruction.

Unusual destinies are intertwined, Jasmine is forced to play as the Alpha’s legitimate daughter and weds Xaden, a man who wants nothing to do with her and is determined to make her pay for her father’s sins. But fate bends hate to love as Jasmine melts the heart of a man who has sworn never to have a mate.

And Jasmine who has lived a miserable life, discovers that she will do anything for the man she loves. Even if it means hiding the darkest secret that will destroy their love.

The Alpha’s Unwanted Bride Novel – Read Online

Title: The Alpha’s Unwanted Bride
Author: Stephanie king1
Publisher: Chereads
Genre: Werewolf

So, You can go to the official Chereads Platform link mentioned above and start reading ‘The Alpha’s Unwanted Bride’ Novel. Chapter 1 to Chapter 12 are available free to read on Chereads. You can unlock more chapters by coins or get a subscription to Chereads and read all the chapters.

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