Dear Arthur Please Love Me Again Novel by Arthur Clark

When I was being violated and murdered, my husband, Arthur Clark, was busy making dinner for his childhood sweetheart, Amanda Wills. Before dying, I struggled to call him, but he hung up on me. “Get lost, stop playing games! Don’t tell me you’re dying this time. If you must die, die far away! Don’t pollute my eyes!” That night, he was called to the Criminal Investigation Department to crack a gruesome dismemberment case. No case lasted more than three days in his hands.

Yet, a whole week passed, and he hadn’t recognized that the victim of the dismemberment was his most despised wife. After the murderer dismembered me and packed my remains into three bags, then the murderer dumped the bags in the garbage bin next to the police station.

The medical examiner, Jackson Mason, pieced together my body all night.

Only the left leg was missing.

Jackson looked on with pity.

“She was doused with concentrated sulfuric acid before death.

There was not a single piece of flesh was intact…”

“It’s too cruel…”

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Title: Dear Arthur Please Love Me Again Novel
Type: Billionaire
Author: Arthur Clark
Publisher: Adoread

Dear Arthur Please Love Me Again Novel is the billionaire story written by author Arthur Clark. You can start reading this intriguing story on Adoread Android App. Also, share your reading experience with us.

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