One Fateful Night with My Boss Novel, Where to Watch?

One Fateful Night with My Boss Drama series become hugely popular among the viewers after its release. It’s unique story line, on screen characters and their performance kept audiences glued to the screen. Now people are finding If it’s based on Novel? Let me clear you everything but before that you can check out the Synopsis of the story.

one fateful night with my boss novel

After having a one-night stand with an old geezer for money, Anita said goodbye to this cold city and went abroad. Six years later, she comes back with her son and bumps into the legendary CEO, Tristan, who later turns out to be her new boss. Before she knows it, her son starts calling this handsome new boss: “dad”. Could this be fate?

One Fateful Night with My Boss Drama is Not based on Any Novel. You can Enjoy complete Drama on Dramabox Platform on the Link mentioned below. Yes, We have attached the official Video link below where you can enjoy more that 30 minute of this Drama. Also, you can unlock more Episodes in DramaBox app for Android/iOS Platform.

Title: One Fateful Night with My Boss Novel
Publisher: DramaBox
Language: English

One Fateful Night With My Boss is a very interesting read you can enjoy it Online on above mentioned official DramaBox Platform. Also, if you are alredy watching it, do let us know How to you Enjoying it, Share your review with us.

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