Desires Die Hard Novel (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

Desires Die Hard Novel is the Story of Anya MacMillian and Evan Welton written by Author Beryl Occam. Anya loved Evan unconditional and for a long time but Evan was unreachable to her. Evan and Family rejected Anya and even they are lucky enough to reunite again. Here we have mentioned the Novel Synopsis and where to read online guide.

Anya awoke in a lavish presidential suite, plagued by a pounding headache and uncertainty about her surroundings. To her surprise, she found her longtime crush, Evan Welton, lying on the other side of the bed. This left her even more confused, though this scene immediately suggested that they made love. Alas, Evan proceeded to make an even more outrageous claim: she drugged him to get into his pants!

Apparently, this was all Sydney’s doing. Sydney is Anya’s stepsister, and she badly wants to destroy Anya, whom she sees as a stumbling block in her efforts to conquer Evan. While Sydney didn’t intend for Anya and Evan to sleep together, she is nonetheless pleased with the outcome, as Anya’s subsequent disownment by the MacMillans and expulsion from their property fulfill Sydney’s vindictive goals.

Later, Anya sought the aid of her aunt, the only person who stood by her. However, she faces additional challenges when she becomes a mother to twins, straining her finances and prompting her to search for employment. Luckily, she secures a job at a fashion design agency, coincidentally located in Evan’s building, leading to an inevitable reunion. As they confront their past, will Evan and Anya find a resolution, and will Evan finally recognize their true connection?

Desires Die Hard Novel – Read Online

Title: Desires Die Hard
Author: Beryl Occam
Publisher: LeReader
Genre: Romance

A Romance Novel Desires Die Hard by Beryl Occam is an interesting life journey of characters Anya and Evan you can read on LeReader Platform Android/iOS App from the link mentioned above. Do let us know your reading experience with us.

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