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The Forgotten Love Novel Julia and Robert story is written by Author Mona. Here we have mentioned the complete Synopsis and Story highlights of the romance Novel on Novel Bee Platform. Also, we have mentioned the guide to read it online.

We will take for granted if someone consistently loves us and unyieldingly. Julia has been guarding her love for ten years, but she lost only to a sentence: I miss you. Lauren just defeats her with the three words. Julia feels that the cruelest thing that Robert has ever done is that he knows that she is deeply in love with him, but he walks up to her and tells her that he wants to divorce her and marry another woman

“Why didn’t she come to my wedding?” “Mr. Adams, this is from your ex-wife, wishing you a happy wedding!” He opened the package and there were three documents inside

First: Donation agreement of corneas and kidneys
Second: Report of severe brain cancer
Third: Pregnancy test

On the balcony, a cold breeze blew through. For the first time, she felt that Robert was so cruel. He knew that she was deeply in love with him, but he walked up to her and told her that he was getting married… “Next Monday, I’ll throw a big wedding to Lauren to make up for the sins you committed in the first place.” Robert walked up to her and threw a wedding invitation directly at her. Julia looked at the invitation on her body, raised her eyes to look at him, her eyes trembled slightly: “Sin? The biggest sin in my life is… loving you.

Robert frowned; a touch of disgust rose under his eyes: ”Think I’ll be moved if you look like this?” Not long after Robert left, the sound of ambulances’ sirens rang through the Smith’s old mansion.

The Forgotten Love Novel – Read Online

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