Escaping My Arranged Marriage With Alpha Prescott Novel by J Belladonna

Escaping My Arranged Marriage With Alpha Prescott Novel is written by Author J Belladonna. Escaping from an arranged marriage with the most ruthless Alpha, Matilda eloped with her fated mate, Gabriel Cooper. After sacrificing her royal identity, she was betrayed and humiliated by Gabriel and his Mistress, Isabel. Despite enduring these hardships, Matilda holds onto the hope that Gabriel will one day accept and love her.

escaping my arranged marriage with alpha prescott novel

However, when his pack faces an attack by wolves, he chooses to save Isabel, leaving Matilda among the wolves to perish. Caught between anguish and betrayal, Matilda awaits her demise, but the wolves halt their attack when a formidable Alpha intervenes and rescues her-ironically, the very man she fled from. Now faced with a choice, will she embrace her fate and marry Alpha Prescott? Or will she once again escape from her ruthless Alpha when Gabriel wants her back and seeks her return?

As a brewing war unfolds between two supernatural species, Matilda must fulfill her duties as the Alpha Queen. In the intricate web of fate and prophecy, she is destined to unravel forbidden secrets and face a wicked adversary.

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Title: Escaping My Arranged Marriage With Alpha Prescott
Publisher: NovelOasis
Author: J Belladonna
Genre: Werewolf

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