Fake Dating Alpha Hockey Captain Novel by Riley Above Story, Read Online

Fake Dating Alpha Hockey Captain Novel is written by Author Riley Above Story. Its Werewolf Romance Novel about Breaking up with Existing Partner and Finding and Pairing with a New One. It’s kids of New-Age Romance Werewolf Story available to read online.

When you, a nerd, get stood up by your ex and wait all night in a bar on New Year’s Eve, That’s when you meet the hottest hockey team captain who asked you to pretend to be his date so he could dump his latest girlfriend. When you’re being pestered by your ex to get back together, he shows up and tells your ex to fuck off. Your ex says, I know this is just a deal and you can’t possibly like her. He (kisses you in front of everyone): Deal, Like this?

Fake Dating Alpha Hockey Captain Novel is a werewolf Novel known for its unique plot, each chapter keeps readers engaged and leaves them wanting more. You can begin reading this novel on GoodNovel Platform link mentioned above. Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 are Free to Read on website. You’ll get Bonus Chapters to read for Free if you Install GoodNovel Android/iOS App. Also, you can unlock more chapters by Coins and get a subscription to read complete novel at once.

Fake Dating Alpha Hockey Captain Novel – Read Online

Title: Fake Dating Alpha Hockey Captain
Genre: Werewolf
Author: Riley Above Story
Publisher: GoodNovel

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