Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby Novel (Sophia and Dante) by Sweet Wanderer 987

Dante Crawford, CEO of Crawford Inc, was known for being ruthless. Despite his devilish good looks and fortune, it was not enough to get him out of some situations. Dante had no choice but to marry Sophia Miller after a scandalous ordeal. Sophia Miller never wanted to marry Dante Crawford but once she did, she found herself falling in love with him. Being a devoted lover and wife to him for years before her half sister, and Dante’s ex, unexpectedly returns.

mr billionaire's secret novel

Torn between what she knows and Dante’s determination to rekindle his relationship with her half sister, Sophia has no choice but to pick up her broken pieces and leave the country with nothing but her unborn baby. Four years pass and Sophia is no longer the women she had been. She returns to New York for business but is she ready to face the man who betrayed her and whose child she had hidden? Will Dante realise his mistake or will he be left to regret his decision for eternity?

Before Sophia Cruise’s divorce, someone advised,”Although your husband cheated on you and has an illegitimate son, that’s just a mistake that all men will make. You should be magnanimous and take good care of his son.” After her divorce, Sophia changed into the world’s richest woman, and many handsome young men fawned on her.

Whenever rumors spread, her ex-husband, Pierce Clement, was the first to refute, “I believe in my ex-wife. Those people have nothing to do with her.” One day, Sophia was interviewed by reporters. “Ms. Cruise, what if you fall in love with someone else?” Sophia replied with a smile,”I hope my husband can be magnanimous. After all, that’s just a mistake that all women will make.” Pierce was rendered speechless. “I can’t!”.

Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby Novel – Read Online

Title: Mr Billionaire’s Secret Baby
Genre: Billionaire
Author: Sweet Wanderer 987
Language: English
Publisher: LeReader

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