Love Returns In Unexpected Ways Novel Emilia and Nathan by lilybirth

Love Returns in Unexpected Ways Novel is the story of Emilia and Nathan. She had grown weary of the one sided relationship and she text a message to Nathan to get a Divorce. He embraced with open Arms and moved to his true love Jessica. Now, Emilia reverted to her true identity Emily and moved into the corporate world and achieved a huge success. Now, Nathan regrets his decision and wanted to Win Emily back.

love returns in unexpected ways novel

Let’s get a divorce. Emilia Saunders sighed as she sent the text message to Nathan Miller, her husband of three years. She had grown weary of the one-sided relationship which dragged on for a decade. Nathan embraced the separation with open arms; he could finally be with his true love, Jessica Bennett. Putting the past behind her, Emilia reverted to her true identity- Emily – to investigate the truth behind her father’s death and reclaim the ownership of his company.

Soon after, Emily’s achievements shone brightly in the corporate world, capturing the attention of the masses – including Nathan’s. He realized he had let go of a gem and regretted it. He henceforth strategized a plan to win back Emily’s heart. But could he surmount the various obstacles, including her protective cousins and Jessica? Most importantly, could he reignite the fire in Emily’s heart, which had turned stone-cold since the divorce?

Love Returns In Unexpected Ways Novel – Read Online

Title: Love Returns In Unexpected Ways
Author: Lilybirth
Publisher: LeReader
Genre: Romance

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