Be My Baby Thai Novel English Translation Read Online, How To!

Be My Baby Thai Novel is written by Author คุณผู้หญิง (khunphuying). This Novel is adapted into a TV Series “Be Mine The Series” It’s a Story of Two Girls’ Love, Emotions for each other. Coming Very Close, Leaving each other and reuniting. The TV series received so much love and people started showing their interest reading this original novel. Here we brings to you ‘Be My Baby’ Thai Novel English Translated Version.

“How many times do I have to be told that I don’t like women!?”
“Same here. Jay doesn’t like any women or men. Jay only likes you”

Jaojay was suggested by her father to have an internship at a company. She was not expecting that she would fall in love seriously. “Do you not like anyone, or do you just don’t like that I like you?

Be My Baby Thai Novel English Translation – Read Online

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