The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna (Kate and Sebastian) by Lian T

The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel is the Book 2 of Alexia and Kieran’s Story. It tells the story of Kate, Alexia’s daughter. People Enjoyed Lian T’s previous book and additionally this New One ‘Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna’ Kate and Sebastian stroy by author ‘Lian T’ is getting so much attentions in readers. Here is How you can read complete Novel Online.

the cursed alpha and his forced luna novel

“Mate!” Xander, Kate’s husband, said. Unfortunately for Kate, her husband wasn’t referring to her but to the woman seated at the end of their dining table. Silence fell upon the room as the unknown woman rose from her seat and said back to Xander, “Mate.” Kate stiffened, and her eyes followed her husband’s gaze. She looked at the woman and acknowledged her beauty. Her heart sank altogether. What made it even worse was how the woman was Alpha Denzel’s daughter from the Red Wood Pack.

What a slap on Kate’s face! Kate was the Luna of the South Moon Pack. Xander, the alpha, was her husband of one year. She met Xander by chance while she was running away from her past. He brought her to his pack, and immediately, they formed a bond like no other. They were not fated mates but fell in love and chose their fates. Xander had claimed Kate, and they had marked each other.

On that day, they were celebrating Kate’s 25th birthday. For Xander to find his fated mate on Kate’s special day was a sick joke of a gift! Kate wanted a simple gathering, just between her and her husband. However, Xander insisted they invite their neighboring packs. A few days ago, he said, “Sweetheart, I want to show you to the world. Let them see what a beautiful and great Luna I have. Please, let’s have this party. Alpha Maximo, Alpha Rick, and the old Alpha Denzel have been asking about you, and I’m dying to flaunt you around!”

That was because Kate was behind the success of the pack’s Water Utility Company, which serviced five neighboring packs. With her added contribution to the community, Xander was the proudest alpha of having Kate as his wife and Luna. However, with how everything unfolded now, would everything remain the same?

The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel – Read Online

Title: The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna
Author: Lian T
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Publisher: NovelOasis

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