Turning Of The Tide Novel [Natalie Foster] by Diana Sander

Natalie Foster is in a hurry as she drives her friend Sherri Landor’s limo to the City Hall. Upon arriving, she is surprised to see a group of luxury cars and a gathering of people, including an elderly man named Theo Wilson and his grandson Trevon Wilson, who is going to marry Natalie. Though she feels like she’s being introduced like a product, she proceeds to greet Trevon politely.

Trevon’s reaction is cold and disdainful, which makes Natalie a bit ufortable. Despite this, she rushes toplete the marriage registration within her three-hour leave from the hospital. The process is quick, and they obtain the marriage license in 18 minutes. Before leaving, Trevon warns Natalie to keep the marriage a secret or face consequences.

Natalie sends the evidence of the marriage to her grandfather and rushes back to work, feeling uncertain about her situation and her future with Trevon. She contemplates the meaning of marriage and decides to accept her current situation, at least for now…

Turning Of The Tide Novel – Read Online

Title: Turning Of The Tide
Genre: Romance
Author: Diana Sander
Publisher: Yumread

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